Measure round trip time

Hello everybody,

My Customer wants to have the roundtrip time measured from pressing the button till the user sees the data on the screen.

Well it is quite easy to measure the time the server used for handling the request and sending the data to the client.

But how can I measure the time required to send the data between the client and the server and how to measure the time it
takes to render all components?

I thought of maybe using javascript for that but I really do not much about javascript.

So I would really thankfull if someone of you could provide me with a hint where to go or even provide me with a solution for this.

Thanks a lot

How about using built in debug window?

For example, try out:


Thx for the hint.

This debug window would really measure what I am looking for.

BUT, it is not enough just to see this information on the debug window.

I need to store this measurment on the database for history purpose.

So i need to find a way to access this information and send it back to the server

I googled but haven’t found any info about that yet.

Best regards