Maximum size of Grid to display with Excel Sheet


Whats the maximum size of sheet that can be displayed with the vaadin excel component ?

Is 100K rows realistic (for a 20 column work sheet) ?


Also is it possible to add a download for the sheet so that client can download the excel ?

If you have just data, row count can be pretty high. But if you have complex formulas producing lot of calculation, 100K is quite much. In some scenarios you will get real Excel jammed with that amount of rows, and browser version naturally is slower.

Regarding data export, see example here. Spreadsheet is built on POI, so you can use these directly.

Hey Thanks. I have only data no formulas. So I am guessing it will be possible to show 100K rows or more.

I can use POI I was wondering if if the vaadin component can be used to provide a download button.

Remember that you are at least limited by the number of rows supported by the workbook type:

Spreadsheet the Vaadin component itself doesn’t have a “download” button, but doing it yourself shouldn’t be a problem:
(note that you might not want to store 100k rows in memory)


Yea the 100K rows will be an issue. I have a excel file created by POI which i need to stream to.
So of course anything over POI limit wont be visible.

Is there a way to stream data from the server side to the vaadin spread sheet ?
I mean so if I have 100K rows is it possible to stream the data as user scrolls ?


Hi Guys,

Is it possible to stream data for excel from the server side ?