maven with vaadin bean validation ?

I’m trying create an application using Maven and Vaadin Bean Validation to validate my beans, but doesn’t now work to me.

I’m trying this.

/** person's bean */
public class Person{
private Integer id;

@Size(min=5, max=50, message="insert first name")
private String firstName;

@Email private String email;

//my app
public class LoginView extends VerticalLayout{
    private TextField firstName, email;
    private BeanFieldGroup<Person> binder;
    private FormLayout form;

    public LoginView(){
           form = new FormLayout();
           binder = new BeanFieldGroup<Person>(Person.class);
           Field<?> field = null;
           field = binder.buildAndBind("Firstname", "firstName");
           firstName = (TextField)binder.getField("firstName");

           field = binder.buildAndBind("Email", "email");
           email = (TextField)binder.getField("email");

At maven I have added the dependencies as in image. How I do this work ??