Maven->Update Project required frequently ("Project configuration is not up

What does this Maven error mean? We are running Vaadin 8.7.2. It appears under Problems in Eclipse. It goes away after I do an Update Project. But it will reappear, sometimes just after I do a Maven “clean package” for war I will then update my pom.xml to change packaging to “jar”.

Description	Resource	Path	Location	Type
Project configuration is not up-to-date with pom.xml. Select: Maven->Update Project... from the project context menu or use Quick Fix.	Yozons-eSignFormsVaadin8		line 1	Maven Configuration Problem

While it’s happened before, it seems more regular now. I did rename a widgetset path, but it seems that the new path I have is correct in all my references to the widget in code, and the widget seems to work when I run my app. I’m not sure if there’s something deeper in Maven’s config that could remember old names.

But it’s odd that Update Project fixes it (it’s unclear what Maven is doing or changing).

Further testing shows it happens whenever I change pom.xml’s packaging between ‘jar’ and ‘war’. I’d like to see if it can be resolved to avoid the long delays added by the rebuild that takes place with Maven->Update Project… in Eclipse.