Maven: Queue Commands possible?


I’m currently trying to make my own Widget but whenever i want to test it i have to execute 6 commands in a row (like vaadin:compile then package, …) to first compile the widget and then the Test-Project. All of them are currently in seperate Debug Configurations.

Now my question is: Is there a way to “queue” these Maven commands/Debug Configurations so that i only have to start them once and all of them get executed one after the other?

I’m using Eclipse Juno with m2eclipse.


Just separate the goals with spaces in the run configuration as long as they are for the same project - it works the same way as the command line interface for Maven.

For different projects, they would need to be under a “master” (reactor) project and you would need to make sure none of the goals makes any of the sub-project builds fail, which sometimes requires some tricky configuration or binding some goals to build phases in sub-project POMs.

Thank you Henri.

I have two project (Widget Project and a Demo Project) with each having 3 goals. Now i managed to bundle these 6 launch configurations into only 2. So that’s already much easier.

Now i already have a Master/Root Project which is a parent folder of both other projects (project structure made by the vaadin widget archetype). So i will eventually try merging those 2 config. into 1.

Again thank you for your quick reply.


Additional question:
I’m currently trying the Reactor-Project approach and i wonder if there is a way to create a launch configuration for the reactor with 6 commands where the first few target one module and the other ones target the other module.
My UseCase: I would like to make a configuration and i want to do these things in a row:

  • compile the widget
  • package the widget to a jar
  • install the jar in the local repository
  • update the dependcies/widgetset of the demo
  • recompile the widgetset of the demo
  • package and run the demo

Currently like i said i have those seperated in 2 launch config.
I already looked through some related maven wiki threads/forum posts/… and found things like -f to target a specific pom and -r to only target specific projects. Now is there a way to use these things in one command so that i can switch the project mid-way through the execution? Or is there a better way to do this?