Maven Project From Archetype - Netbeans

Good Day,

I would like to not have my projects built from something in the cloud.

I am okay with building from Maven.

As a ‘fail-safe’, I created a bare-bones project from Archetype in NetBeans, then made a copy, set project properties and compiled - and it worked.

But is there a way to get the Vaadin stuff in Maven - onto my computer so I can build new projects without going to “Maven In the Cloud”. I’m okay with Maven on my machine or on my NAS.

Don’t know exactly what you mean with this “Maven In the Cloud”, but Maven do cache all dependencies to your local computer. So next time you create a new project, it don’t need networks access, if that is what you are looking for.

In case you have a big company and want to minimize network traffic or speed up project checkouts, you should definitely setup a “maven proxy” and configure all your develpers workstations to use it.