Maven plugin not putting themes in war

This started when I installed Designer. Possibly because I’m using jee7, the themes and widgetsets had to go in a root folder called ejbModule. I can’t find any explanation anywhere about this folder, it’s just when I create a theme, that’s where it goes and the designer can’t use custom themes from anywhere but there. This is fine on my local machine, but if I do a maven package, the resulting war doesn’t have the themes. In fact, unless I change the warSourceDirectory to “${basedir}/ejbModule”, maven can’t even find the theme. It does compile it though, but in place, and it doesn’t get copied to the target folder.

This is very confusing. I’ve looked through the maven plugin source code(that’s where I got the warSourceDirectory idea), but it seems there’s some hardcoded directory stuff going on that I can’t access. Does anyone have any ideas?

                    <extraJvmArgs>-Xmx512M -Xss1024k</extraJvmArgs>

This looks to be an eclipse issue. I added the eclipse glassfish extensions in project facets and that seemed to have changed some eclipse setting to ejbModule, even after undid the facet. I decided to just blow away my eclipse settings and redo the settings and not add glassfish extensions that seems to have solved the issue, the extensions didn’t really seem to do anything helpful anyways.