Maven Multi-module project versus Single-module?

What’s the current status of the Maven archetypes for new Vaadin 7 projects?

Months ago the new multi-module archetype appeared, used by default by the Vaadin plugin for NetBeans. Now it seems the current version of the plugin has reverted to single-module archetype for new Vaadin projects. I see the example app with multi-module archetype continues to be offered by the plugin.

Obviously for a Vaadin newbie, the single-module project is the way to go.

But what about for the experienced Vaadin developer? Should he or she go stick with the single-module for a new serious (not throw-away) project? Did the multi-module archetype prove to be unwieldy or problematic?

Or is the multi-module project the way to go? If so, why? I’m not clear on the benefits given the added complexity. If the multi-module archetype is better, how can we use it for a new project – should we use the example app offered by the plugin and excise the business parts of the example we don’t need?

With no guidance or documentation on how to compile, run, and debug the various modules, I’ve been reluctant to explore the multi-module way since I am not a Maven maven.