Maven/Jenkins/WidgetSet - Widgetsets found from classpath:

When I try to build my widget set in jenkins, I get the following error. Any tips?

INFO: Widgetsets found from classpath:


You’ve only listed one line “INFO:Widgetsets found from classpath:”, which is not an error… I suspect you’ve only posted part of the log.

FWIW, we build our widgetset in Jenkins too (as part of a bigger ant build process), and it works just fine.



In a Maven build (on Windows at least) the list of widgetsets found on the classpath is marked with [ERROR]
even though it clearly is not. I suspect someone was in a hurry to see a trace and bumped up the logging level. Perhaps this is why the error is reported.

The background of why certain messages are output to System.err is quite a bit more complicated and predates the Vaadin Maven archetypes etc. It is related to the interaction between the widgetset update and compilation classes and the Eclipse plugin.

There is an old ticket about changing this, but it would require simultaneous changes to the Eclipse plugin - a bit tricky to coordinate.