maven-failsafe-plugin not found

Hi all,

I’ve just started following along the tutorial “Building Modern Web Applications with Spring Boot and Vaadin”, but when analysing the pom.xml along with the tutor on the video, I noticed that one of the plugins in my pom.xml has not been found (maven-failsafe-plugin), how can I fix it?

It’s automatically downloaded once you build the app

Hi knoobie, thanks for your reply.

The app has been build as you can see on the screenshot, but IntelliJ is still reporting this plugin as not found.

For now, this is not causing any problems as I haven’t got to the lecture where the Vaadin’s server will be accessed, but I believe it will cause an error when the time comes.

I just don’t want to spend hours to encounter an insolvable error, I just don’t want to have the same bad experience as I had going through Spring Guides, which I couldn’t reach the final result as few dependencies and third parties where deprecated, and they never fixed/updated/remove the tutorials.

So, could someone from Vaadin’s team have a word on this? I’m just trying to follow the best practices. Thanks.

Maven won’t download dependencies / plugins that you haven’t used - if I remember correctly, that plugin is inside the production profile and is therefore currently not needed / downloaded

Okay, it makes more sense now. Thanks.

Hey knoobie, I’m encountering this error “Error running ContactFormTest. Command line is too long. Shorten the command line and rerun”, do you have idea why and how to fix it?

I’ve got this knoobie :smile: , I clicked on “Shorten the command line and rerun” :grin: that was easy, wasn’t it? hahahaha… Those newbies hahahaha…

Windows is stupid :wink: but yes, using that btn to shorten fixes it