Maven Central missing 7.2.0 version of vaadin-theme-compiler

There doesn’t seem to be a 7.2.0 version of vaadin-theme-compiler in Maven Central. Should there be?

Nope, it is a completly separate project nowadays, like it always should have been.

The artifactId is nowadays vaadin-sass-compiler.


I’m not quite sure now how I managed to come by having vaadin-theme-compiler as an explicit dependency in my POM. I was having a problem at one point getting on-the-fly Sass compilation to work and adding a direct dependency to vaadin-theme-compiler fixed it. I think now that must have been a false positive.

Based on your response I decided to investigate. I created a Vaadin 7.1.15 project and found that vaadin-server had vaadin-theme-compiler as a dependency while a new Vaadin 7.2.0 project shows vaadin-server has a vaadin-sass-compiler dependency instead just like you said.

I’ve removed the vaadin-theme-compiler dependency from my POM altogether and everything seems to be working just fine.