Maven and Vaadin Eclipse Plugin

Hey all,

I’m quite new to Maven, I see the benefits with it, so I would like to use it in a future project. In the past, I worked on a Vaadin project with the Eclipse plugin and I found that quite useful as well.

Is there any possibility to use Maven AND make it a Vaadin Project using the Vaadin Eclipse Plugin? Thanks for every idea in advance!


Yes this is possible - this is how I currently develop. You can create a new maven project within eclipse, and select the appropriate archetype from maven or you can create a Vaadin project and then enable dependency management by right clicking the project. This will then “mavenize” the project. I prefer the former approach to the latter.

Thanks for the answer. I already tried to create a maven project in eclipe with choosing the
archetype. But this is actually not a Vaadin Project, but a usual maven project. For example, I would like to be able to deploy it on a server like tomcat or glassfish with the Eclipse “Run on server” option. It works when using as maven build goal “tomcat:run” but then the ‘live deployment’ doesn’t work. Thats a feature I don’t want to miss.

When creating a Vaadin Project, there is no “Maven” entry in the context menu of the project. It’s only there in Maven Projects. I’m using m2eclipe.

Any ideas?

I would recommend taking a look at this →
Using Vaadin with Maven
. This is the resource I used. Best of luck!