maven and new theme

Hi, all!

I didn’t catch where should i put my own theme folder if I’m using maven2 to build war file?
So inside my output war file i have two folders: classes/ lib/ and web.xml file
in the classes/ folder i have business logic classes.
lib/ folder contains vaadin-6.3.1.jar and other jar dependencies.

I can unpack VAADIN/ folder from the vaadin-6.3.1.jar add my own theme and repack it and then place modified vaadin-6.3.1.jar in my local maven repository. But this way is not handy.

Is there another way without modifing vaadin-6.3.1.jar? I’m using Intellij IDEA as IDE and maven2 to build project.
May be i can put new theme in src/main/webapp/VAADIN or something like this?

The theme folder should be under /src/main/resources/VAADIN/themes/ as it has to be relative to the java classes.

Sascha, thank you!

does anybody know where should I put this themes if I don’t use maven? where should they appear ROOT folder of tomcat’s application folder?