Master Detail and UI rendering code caching


We are currently evaluating Vaadin for one of our customer and after some promising trial, we are now facing the following issue :

We have created a master detail view. When selecting one item from the master list to get its detail, we have noticed that in the json snippet returned by the server always include both the detail data and the UI rendering code for the detail panel.

As the detail panel UI is similar for each item of the list, I don’t want to fetch its rendering code after each item selection.

So, is there a way to cache the detail panel UI rendering code after the first selection of an item from the master list, so that when I’ll select another item from the list I will fetch only the data to be display, not the ui rendering code again ?




This is the way ComboBox/Select and NativeSelect work - they will always send the UI rendering code with the data. The overhead should be minimal so the user really should not notice this. What is the issue you are facing because of this behavior?

Thanks for the quick answer.

Currently the issue we are facing is that our detail panel is made let’s say of a classic form to edit the details of one item of the list and every time we select another item from this list, both the data to be displayed as well as the form rendering code are received from the server.

Receiving the form rendering code at first item selection is fine to me, however receiving this same rendering code again and again after every single item selection on the master list is my problem. I just want to get the detail panel rendering code once.

One additional comment : I agree that the overhead is minimum for a combo. However when talking about a complete form, the overhead is significant.