massive number UIDL requests causing difficulties

post /uidl requests generating huge amounts of traffic on website and through SSO.

We are seeing multiple “POST //~~~~/UIDL/?v-uiId=0 HTTP/1.1” requests from each active user session per second. This traffic is flooding our SSO proxies and slowing down the other website traffic. It is also making traffic analysis difficult. Is there a way to control the amount of these requests down to a resonable limit?

All actions from the Vaadin UI cause UIDL requests - either immediately or with a small delay, often grouped with other actions.

If a single browser is sending many of these per second, there is probably something unusual going on - perhaps you have set very frequent polling on for the UI (normally there are only infrequent heartbeats), or are actively using e.g. drag and drop with server side drop criteria. Having information on the content of the UIDL requests would help in pinpointing the reason in the application. You can also add “?debug” to the URL and check in the debug window what requests the UI is making, or use browser debug tools.

Hey all!

We’ve been working with Vaadin flow for a couples of week and are running in a similar issue

When we run our app we are seeing an infinite number of POST request being made to

with payload :

Chrome will post this request for a couple hundred of times than will consume all available memory and disk.

We have a similar behavior in our production environnement but this will usually stop after the first client interaction with the UI.

We tried disabling component by component to see if it was coming from one of them but the issue remain. Any idea?

Related to this I guess :

will wait for a fix