Marking as resolved


How can we do that ? great people of ITMILL have resolved my problems but my post are still marked as “waiting for an answer”


Up to the right of every post is the buttons “Mark as an Answer”, “Reply”, “Reply with Quote”. Just hit the mark as an answer on the post that best gives an answer to your problem. Go ahead and test that button now! :smiley:

Thx, but it seems the button “Mark as an Answer” doesn’t appear !

Only have “Reply”, “Reply with Quote” on each post O_o

Hmm… I get the option for the threads that I’ve started myself. Maybe this is a bug apparent for only some users. Maybe our webmaster might take a look into this? :wink:

Hmmm… This is weird, can’t figure it out right now and wrestling with some other stuff so i’ll add this to my todo-list and look into it later. To be continued…


Aah, figured it out. You need to choose “mark as question” when you post the first message, then the “mark as answer” option is available. :). You should be able to edit the first question and add this option afterwards aswell.



I know the way it works now :slight_smile: