Making a vaadin application production ready


Whilst I have been working in software development for a while I am very new Vaadin.
I have been working on a site for a client which is complete and we are now taking the steps to put it into production.

The application has been deployed but I’m supprised by certain things and think I have have just missed something in config etc in Vaadin for deployment.


javascript: The files are not minified, concat’d or uglyfied. I’d expect this to be done when setting to production more, is there a setting in Vaadin that does this OR do I have to add it as part of the maven build myself?

css: Again no concatanation or minification.

I might have missed something but I have used other web frameworks that have this sort of functionality built in, is this not the case with Vaadin??


I suggest you to use maven archetype for skeletton of your project.

Maven with archetype
also create module
which are fulfils to your requirements (will compress js and css).

Production mode in Vaadin can enabled through annotation for servlet com.vaadin.annotations.VaadinServletConfiguration
or with same key through web.xml