Making a Multipart/Formdata using Rest Template from inside a Vaadin10 app.

I’m trying to create a multipart/formdata request from within a vaadin 10 web app using a Spring-boot RestTemplate, but it always fail with 400 bad request error , I created a seperate spring web app and included the same code within that app and i was able to successfully execute the rest call so i can assume code is working fine.
(http://) - i think this issue is somewhat related to my problem.

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, consumes = { "multipart/form-data" },value = "/submit")
public ResponseEntity securedAcceptJob(
              @RequestParam(value = "files" , required = false)MultipartFile multipartFile,
              @RequestParam(value = "name" , required = true) String name
              ) throws NotInitializedException,CouldNotSendException {}

public void submitResponse(SrResultEntity srResultEntity){
    String path = "des/submit";
    LinkedMultiValueMap<String,Object> requestEntity = new LinkedMultiValueMap<>();

    HttpHeaders headers = new HttpHeaders();

    HttpEntity<LinkedMultiValueMap<String,Object>> httpEntity = new HttpEntity(requestEntity, headers);

    URI uri = UriComponentsBuilder.fromUriString(buildPath(path)).buildAndExpand(pathVariables).toUri();

    final ResponseEntity<String> stringResponseEntity =
        restClientHelper.getRestTemplate().exchange(uri,HttpMethod.POST, httpEntity, String.class);

public static Resource getUserFileResource() throws IOException {
        //todo replace tempFile with a real file
        Path tempFile = Files.createTempFile("upload-test-file", ".txt");
        Files.write(tempFile, "some test content...\nline1\nline2".getBytes());
        System.out.println("uploading: " + tempFile);
        File file = tempFile.toFile();
        //to upload in-memory bytes use ByteArrayResource instead
        return new FileSystemResource(file);

i tried changing the application property file by enabling
spring.servlet.multipart.enabled=true this didn’t work so i created MultipartResolver bean with

  • 1)CommonsMultipartResolver
  • 2)StandardServletMultipartResolver

both implementations didn’t solve the issue so i excluded the MultipartAutoConfiguration from spring app since this disable Servlet 3.x multipart support found from here []

@EnableAutoConfiguration(exclude = {
    MultipartAutoConfiguration.class  // excluded so that the application uses commons-fileupload instead of Servlet 3 Multipart support

nothing worked for me , what am i doing wrong does anyone know how to fix this it something with Vaadin Spring module (vaadin-spring-boot-starter) does it overrides a core piece of Spring Boot in the context of the dispatcher servlet.

The discussion [here]
( could be related.