Mac OS X host mode


I am testing Vaadin to migrate my applications from GWT-EXT.
I am using Mac OS X snow leopard and eclipse 3.5.1 with Vaadin plugin 6.2.
I just created a HelloWorld project from the wizard (no mofication to the project).
I can run the app with tomcat but when I try to run the host mode I just get the

host screen which opens the url http://localhost:8888/
(instead of http://localhost:8888/HelloWorld) with an empty page.

my program arguments are:
-whitelist http://localhost:8888 -noserver -out WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets [http://localhost:8888/HelloWorld/]

and my VM arguments:
-d32 -Xmx1024M -XstartOnFirstThread

Do I need to add a project.gwt.xml file somewhere like in gwt?
Has anyone seen this before?

Kind regards,


WARNING: ‘’ is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
Use ‘’ instead.
(To disable this warning, pass as a JVM arg.)
2009-12-11 14:17:21.922 java[2892:a07]
[Java CocoaComponent compatibility mode]
: Enabled
2009-12-11 14:17:21.925 java[2892:a07]
[Java CocoaComponent compatibility mode]
: Setting timeout for SWT to 0.100000

Does it help if you remove the brackets from around the URL in the program arguments?

In any case, I would recommend OOPHM. For instructions, see

Thanks, I will try OOPHM.


ps: removing the brackets did not help.

Works with OOPHM right away.