Lumo Theme not applying in Version 24.0.0

So I just started migrating my code to Vaadin 24.0.0, however after getting my code to run I noticed that Lumo wasn’t getting applied whatsoever. In the Picture you can see how it currently looks on the left side, while on the right side you can see how it looked with 23.3.6
I’ve checked in both Chrome and Edge. I’ve also added @Theme with the Lumo class to my AppShellConfigurator in the hope it would fix it, but no luck. Is there anything I missed to do/changes I have to make to apply Lumo in 24.0.0?

I’m having the same issue, was able to manually apply the theme by adding this hack to the MainLayout: UI.getCurrent().getElement().getThemeList().add(Lumo.DARK);

In my case that didn’t really do anything. I’ll continue experimenting though

So I made test projects and one thing I noticed was that my Project doesn’t generate a dev-bundle, not sure if that’s it, but it’s the only difference I found yet

Not sure why it doesn’t do that, but I’ll see if I can figure it out

You can also disable it for the time being if you think it’s the culprit

Alright I found the issue now

Basically using bootRun didn’t use vaadinBuildFrontend

using the dependsOn([‘vaadinBuildFrontend’]) line there, everything seems to work fine now

So I gotta correct myself on this one. The issue came up again when pulling my website from the Repo and it again didn’t apply Lumo. It seems to have to do with the following option: vaadin.frontend.hotdeploy. I did set this in my spring profile file and it seems like whenever this is set to true, Lumo isn’t getting applied anymore. Commenting the line out or setting it to false makes the theme apply correctly. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just weird thing with my configuration, but I wanted to clarify in case anybody else stumbles over this

Make sure you are on the latest 24.0.5, there were bug fixes regarding dark theme in the last months

I have done so, still does the same thing. It seems like it must have something to do with how my Project is set up as it doesn’t have this issue when making a whole new project in IntelliJ and just pressing start. If I figure out what is causing it exactly I’ll update this thread

No idea what might be causing this but I do want to point out to others commenting that this is not a dark theme issue – you can see in the screenshot that Lumo itself is not loading at all, it’s not just the dark variant.