Looking for simple Vaadin 7 Netbeans Project.

Hi everybody out there,

I am looking for a simple Vaadin 7 Netbeans project which does not use Maven. Can someone provide such a project to me? A working Netbeans project with just the “main class” (the one derived from UI) displaying a Button or Label will be enough.

Why do I ask?
I created a Vaadin 7 application with Maven as said in
the book of Vaadin
. Problem is every time I deploy the project (right click on project → run) it takes ages (5-6 minutes sometimes more) till the browser window pops up.

I tried everything. But no luck at all. I already was so desperate, I uninstalled Netbeans and Glassfish,
the newest Netbeans version bundled with Glassfish and installed it to see if there is a problem.

With the project I am asking for I want to check if it is going to deploy slow too or if it deploys within appropriate time. In hope to find out what is going wrong here.

Thanks for you help.

P.S.: I have a notebook with a 2 GHz Dual Core processor, 8 GB ram running Windows 8.

Make sure your Maven project is not rebuilding your Widgetset on the normal build cycle.

It takes 80 seconds to run a Java EE application with ~20 Sessions beans , 2 scheduled times ( using netbeans + maven project ) from a cold start ( no glassfish running , no browser running ), a redeploy ( ie glassfish already started ) takes around 20-25 seconds.

A large War application ( 770 classes with lots of libraries resulting in a 50MB archive) takes like 22 second ( 12 seconds to assemble the archive , 6 seconds to deploy , the rest is overhead )

A normal Netbeans project ‘might’ be slightly faster, but the dependency nightmare is not worth it.

BUT there is nothing special ( except building custom widget sets ) for Vaadin projects.
So make a normal web project . add all your required libraries .
Google how to build your widget set with an ant target ( ALSO do not build it to your ./build folder but to web-folder/VAADIN/widgetsets )

When you need to rebuild the widget set, remove web-folder/VAADIN/widgetsets/* , and re run the widgetset target.

( My times is from a iMac with 8GB ram )

Thanks for your help. I tried it. But no luck at all.

I made further investigations. At the moment I would say that Glassfish has problems with Vaadin applications using JPA. At the moment I can not specify it any further. But as soon as I deploy a JPA application the deployment itself takes very long and so does a restart of the server. So it has nothing to do with Maven which was my first guess.

I will keep you posted if I will ever find out what going wrong here. Will test in on another machine on Monday. Hope this will bring some light into the dark.

I found this one on youtube:


Sorry for the very late reply.

I found out that it is the combination of my system, Windows 8 and Netbeans. I tried everything but nothing helped.

On the weekend I finally had enough. I replaced the HDD in my notebook with a drive I had laying around and put on Windows XP. On the blanc system I installed the same Netbeans and Glassfish version as I have on Windows 8. When I open and run the simple Vaadin project I have created it takes about 30 seconds on XP to deploy instead of several minutes on 8.

At least I now know where the problem is. Thanks to everybody who tried to help me.

I dont work on windowz8 , but have worked on Windowz7 with out problems, I can only think it is the network ports that is not allowed on default windows 8 install.
There is some Corba ports and andmin ports that need to be allowed to make Glassfish work correctly… You should investigate that if you want to work in windowz8 , also for eclipselink ( default jpa implementation on Glassfish ) you should check your server.policy , you need to enable the security manager on glassfish if you want eclipselink to work correctly, and that have implications for the server.policy …

for most of my jpa javaee applications I add some permissions …

grant codeBase "file:${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}/applications/<youre-javaee-ear>-1.0/-" {
        permission java.lang.reflect.ReflectPermission "suppressAccessChecks";
        permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "createClassLoader";
        permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "accessClassInPackage.*";
        permission java.io.SerializablePermission "enableSubstitution";

Important update to all NetBeans and Vaadin users: We just released new official plugin adding a lot of new features like Directory integration and code completion for Vaadin widgets.

The plugin is available to NetBeans 7.3, 7.4 and 8 beta from:


Firstly, you can build manually vaadin project using Eclipse (then export it in netbeans) all available instuctions are included in downloaded archive. Believe me, it take tooo much time, thus basic Vaadin project size will be 250+ Mb
Secondly - 2Ghz Dual Core and takes and deploys about 5-6minutes? Hmm… there might be some hardware issues.
Thirdly (imho) - If i’d be you , I’d develop on Linux instead Windows

My Specs: Core i7 3630QM 8GB RAM HD Graphics 4000 Dual Boot (Windows 8.1 x64 + Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS)

There always will difference on Windows & Linux
P.S To be honest - Vaadin Project on Windows platform starts too long (about minute) with these specs