looking for interns to port an Eclipse-based app to Vaadin

We are a small group of enthusiasts building a small product together.
It’s an Eclipse-based desktop application (“Task Adapter”) which we’re trying to port to Vaadin framework.

We’re looking for 3-4 volunteers who want to learn Vaadin on a real-world application.

There’s no salary on this project (at least not yet). All you get is learning Vaadin, usability principles, how to build a high-quality java application with all the modern technologies (Vaadin, continuous integration using Jenkins, automated testing, “designing for testability” principle, Maven for builds, GIT for version control, etc).
Oh, and plus having fun, getting t-shirts with the project logo, some souvenirs, etc . :slight_smile: Plus hanging our together if you’re near Silicon Valley (California) area.

We’re waiting for your mail: support(–at–)taskadapter.com
Please list your programming skills and how much time you can spend on this project weekly (hopefully at least 8-10 hours).

I attached a screenshot of the current Eclipse-based product.

Here’s the
Task Adapter website

See you, guys and girls!

Here’s your chance to learn not only Vaadin but also various important concepts regarding programming, having Alexey as a mentor is a real value.

Would be cool if this project would under some kind of open source license, please consider it. Another nice idea would be if you create some kind of tutorial for learning Vaadin, perhaps a minimized version of your project in a concept level or something like that.

You do have a project system such as Trac / JIRA in which you can share information easily do you?

Best of luck with the project, it’s a nice project!

thank you. we’re ok with open-sourcing the app if we can find a way to earn money on something else (it would be hard to provide a quality support otherwise).

our bug/task tracking system
. it’s open for everyone.

still need couple more people!