Looking for component to display items horizontally


I’m newbie to Vaadin, so sorry for asking about probably simple case.

I’m looking for component, which will allow me to fill it with data from List (such it works in Grid through setContainerDataSource() method), but will display items in horizontal placement - so every next item should bo next to the previous one, not under it, like it is in Grid or Table.

Is there, in Vaadin, something like this? How can I achieve this effect?


Basically something that would support a very large amount of columns? The Spreadsheet component does that, but for a very specific use case http://demo.vaadin.com/spreadsheet/

Not sure I understood your question correctly.

By default, container items are in rows and their fields in colums, like here: https://vaadin.com/docs/-/part/framework/components/components-grid.html
(each person is in other row, and their values (name, dates) in column.

My question was - Is there an easy way to swap it?
I don’t need large amount of columns, there will be only few of them.

If it’s only for display, ie. no sorting/filtering etc needed, I would just nest HorizontalLayouts in a VerticalLayout or use a GridLayout.

Ok, thanks for help!