Looking for an autocomplete TextBox to query the database

For the most part, Vaadin’s ComboBox seems to do everything I need, and is working good so far. The problem I see is that I currently have about 10,000 items going into the ComboBox, and while my development machine can handle this, I’m not convinced that all machines using this feature will be able to.

I have been digging around for an autocomplete TextBox and have found a few implementations, but nothing very recent. Has anyone had luck implementing something like this? Or should I just stick to the ComboBox?

… if sticking to the ComboBox, what’s a safe upper limit of elements before I need to start worrying?


If CheckBox is fullfilling your requirements, you should stick with it. 10.000 items is indeed quite a huge amount, so you would tune data retrieving part.
Matti made some articles on this subject, and I had really good results getting inspiration from those.

(first part)

There are also nice helpers in Viritin (still from Matti) addon.


Got it, thanks.