Looking for a full tutorial

Hey guys, I’m relatively new to Vaadin but I like what I’ve read so far about it. I’ve made a couple of ‘hello world’ style applications but nothing extensive. I’m hoping someone can point me to a good step-by-step tutorial on making a true web application. I’ve looked at the Tutorial provided by the Vaadin site and while nice, it doesn’t address things like data persistence and is pretty basic. I’ve also read through the book of Vaadin for Vaadin 7 and it’s good for explaining the concepts but not entirely useful as a guided tutorial to Vaadin.

I’m aware of the book “Learning Vaadin” but from my understanding it seems to be aimed at Vaadin 6 and not 7. The Learning Vaadin 7 book is to be released around October of this year from what I’ve read.

Anyways if someone knows of a guided tutorial on building a “full” vaadin app that includes data persistence I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

Have you checked out the
chapter of the Book of Vaadin? It describes one way of persisting the application data to a database using JPA annotated entities and the JPAContainer Vaadin add-on.

For more resources on getting started with JPAContainer, see the Learn more section on the
add-on page