LoginForm for Vaadin14

I try to use flow.component.login.LoginForm to implement the login page,However, I found that the data sent from the client to the server may be captured locally on the client, which is not what the customers wants to see. Although the data from the client to the server will be encrypted by SSL, they still hope that the data which be locally intercepted is not plaintext

As shown in the figure below, I use the software to intercept the user name and password
I’m currently trying to encrypt the data before it’s intercepted, and then decrypt it when verifying the user’s identity
I found this code
It seems that the user name and password can be obtained through this annotation, but this happened before the data was intercepted. However, I don’t know how the data was packaged and sent to the server
Thanks for your help

Hey Andy,

Have you checked this video tutorial from Alejandro? He shows how to turn passwords to hash and encrypt them before storing them in the database: