Login pages for glassfish authentication not working, Failed to load the bo

Hello everybody!

After googling for many hours today, i have not found a solution to my problem, so as a last resort i am starting a new thread.

After creating a new Vaadin project in Netbeans 7.3 using Maven Archetype, and deployed to Glassfish, i started working on the authentication part of the system.

I am using a file realm and form login for authentication, but the problem is, after i create the login.jsp page, when i go to the application page it shows me the “Failed to load the bootstrap javascript: ./VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js”.

I have tried adding a /VAADIN/* url mapping to the web.xml descriptor, and it worked fine, but then another problem showed up.

after adding the VAADIN mapping, i could not make my theme to load up correctly, and i believe the root of the problem is that the vaadin servlet is triying to load “./VAADIN/…” instead of “/VAADIN/…” folder, so i rolled back the mappings i did in the web.xml, and now i am facing again the problem i thought i solved.

I also added the bootstrap.js to my WAR package and the default SNAPSHOT package that netbeans creates, but again it seems that the application can not find or load these files.

Wrapping it up my question are:

1- how can i correctly load the bootstrap.js file for the login.jsp page without changing the url mapping.

Also i am using Vaadin 7.0.5

Please let me know if further information is necessary from my side, i will be checking the thread every day.

Thanks in advance!!