Login page is not rendered in production mode

Hi guys.
I’ve tried to add a login screen to my simple webapp and
I did all steps from this tutorial https://vaadin.com/learn/tutorials/modern-web-apps-with-spring-boot-and-vaadin/adding-a-login-screen-to-a-vaadin-app-with-spring-security
It all works fine but only in dev mode.
As soon as I run it in production mode the login page is broken.
I see only text label taken from @PageTitle(“Login | Reports”).
No errors found in the log.
I switched vaading to the latest version 17, switched from npm to pnpm but no luck.
I use java 14 and the only unusual thing I’ve added is ‘–enable-preview’ but it works fine id dev mode.
Could you please give me a hint what could be wrong?

Here is production section from my pom.xml

            <!-- Production mode is activated using -Pproduction -->


                                -Dvaadin.productionMode --enable-preview