Login Form with PostGreSQL verification

Hello everyone, this is my first question here on forums. I made a login form and i have big database of usernames and passwords already inside a table in PostGre. I want to make verification method that check if username and password from postgre table is valid or not and then proceed on the next page. I am sorry for bad english. Hopefully you guys understood me.

That completely depends on how you stored the passwords. You could use something like Shiro for proper authentication, or you could simply do a manual JDBC query.

I stored usernames as Strings and passwords as bytes. I will look into Shiro since i am trying to avoid manual query. (way too many tables)

Just as a side note, I really, really, recommend using an existing solution like Shiro to manage passwords. Hashing them yourself is just a recipe for disaster (nevermind storing them plainly). If you can use something like OAuth to get rid of passwords completely, even better.