loading indicator pops up frequently


I have applied the loading indicator style to the css. Whenever i click on any button or an action is performed it shows the loading indicator but after some milli- seconds or seconds it displays again and again. Here is what i have added

.v-loading-indicator, .v-loading-indicator-delay, .v-loading-indicator-wait {
background: url(“images/indicator.gif”) no-repeat center !important;
position: absolute !important;
width: 50% !important;
height: 50% !important;
top: 18% !important;
left: 25% !important;

when i tried to look into developer tools there is a call to “.v-loading-indicator-delay, .v-loading-indicator-wait” frequently which in turn shows indicator.gif running in the background.
Is there any control over there? or Why it happens?

Joseph Inigo Fernando

I don’t think the style overrides for the loading indicator are causing it to pop up frequently. Are you sure you just don’t have some component making frequent requests or e.g. a Refresher polling the server?