load external image to URL

I have a problem. I would like to upload an image from an external URL. There currently use these instructions:
ExternalResource img = new ExternalResource (“”);
Embedded Embedded image = new (1, img);

The problem is that my image changes while keeping the same URL. I try to reload the image but I see always the same, I guess it’s the browser to cache.
How do I reload the image in a dynamic context, sensitive to changes, without reloading the affected application or press F5 in the browser?
Thank you.


Does it help, if you add a timestamp as a GET parameter when reloading the image, something like:

embedded.setSource(new ExternalResource(
								+ Calendar.getInstance().getTime().getTime()));


You could try re-setting the Embedded with a new Resource, or replacing the Embedded with a completely new instance.

it works perfectly.
Thank you.