Live Preview Feature?

As I work with Vaadin on Eclipse, I update my SCSS files then have to refresh my browser and navigate back to the view that I am styling.

I am on a local development environment.

Is there a way to have a live preview so that as I save my Vaadin theme SCSS, the browser automatically updates? I know there are ways to do this with Compass, but I’m not sure if it is possible with Vaadin and Eclipse.

My wrist thanks you in advance!

first try starting your server in debug mode in eclipse and use any browser css-reload plugin for chrome or FF.
I am not pretty sure if the eclipse auto-deploy feature while debugging works as well.

I do use JRebel to auto deploy java classes, and it seems to work very well for static resources as well. you need to buy the license though. you can search for an open-source alternative for that.