list files to tree

I am learning itmill toolkit and was wondering if you can show me how to fill a tree component with files located in a folder on local hard drive?

Please see the following demos and their source code:

Above demos contain two alternatives to accomplish what you are trying to do.

Thanks but this only lists files on the server, right?. I need the users to be able to list files on their hard drive.

As the application is used through a web-browser, you can not access the files on the users hard drive. If you include Upload -component in your userinterface, your users can upload (and browse) their files to the server.

You cannot do this with any Web framework, it’s a security design in all browsers that denies sending client’s hard disk related data to server. As stated on previous message, access to client’s “hard disk” is permitted by uploading a file if client manually selects any file to be uploaded. See upload component for that.

If absolutely needed, you could circumvent browser security by using e.g. activex components but these require additional installation on client-side software (your browser).