Hi, I was wondering how to do links i vaadin. Here is wat i did: I made an Application that creates a window and gives it
itself as a parameter:

public class TrickApplication extends Application {

public void init() 
	Evaluation_Components_Page mainWindow2 = new Evaluation_Components_Page(this);

now in the window class, i did made a link and in its action listener i changed the main window:

public class Evaluation_Components_Page extends Window
Application mainApp;

public Evaluation_Components_Page(Application mainApp)

public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event)


which seems rational to me but it did not work. Any ideas on the correct way to do stuff?

PS: dont comment on the code itself, i just wanted to give an idea on wat i did.

There’s an unresolved bug currently that prevents you from changing the application main window nicely. It will change, but requires a full page refresh to take effect.

Try switching the content of the main window instead (i.e. the layout inside it).