"Link" object with a table

Hello! I’ve faced a problem, that I hope to solve with your help. The situation is:

in my project i want to represent a table, which will contain only one field of some objects, let it be penguin names.
I only want to show
in table, but when a user clicks a row with a name, the other data about chosen pinguin have to appear in a pannel.

Also, I have to make it possible to add a penguin into the system by filling a form. And again, the name appears in a table, but other data is kept somewhere else.

So, the problem is - how can I connect all together? Is it possible?

Also, I have to add, that hiding columns is not appropriate. Or, maybe I can store a data of “Object” class in a hidden column? Can I?

You could do it like this:
Make a container and fill one column (i.e. “penguins”) with all of your penguin names either from a database or per addItem (or else if you know another way). Then you attach the container to a table and add a Generated Column (i.e. table.addGeneratedColumn( “penguinsgener”, new Table.Colum…) ).
In this Cenerated Column you can access the peguin names you stored in “penguins” and create Components, like buttons, Layouts with clicklisteners, Links, … , with the data.
Then you just have to hide the column with the real data and only display the one with the components ( i.e. table.setVisibleColumns(new Object{“penguinsgener”}) ).

If you then add another row to “penguins” it should create a new Component in penguinsgener.