Link Button with Vaadin 7

Hi all,

In Vaadin 6, the following line of code allows to transform a button into a link :

One of you knows how to do the same thing with Vaadin 7 ??


button.setStyleName(BaseTheme.BUTTON_LINK); Please try using google next time. There should be several examples for this code out there. (for example in the sampler, Book of Vaadin, …)

Vaadin7 book, 5.7 section says “The Button component has a Reindeer.BUTTON_LINK style name that makes it look like a hyperlink”, but there is no code.

In Vaadin6, there was no need to import a theme for using a link, so it was better.

Thank you Marius

The text you posted means that you can also use Reindeer.BUTTON_LINK to do this. (Also Runo.BUTTON_L…, Chameleon.BUTTON…, …)

You don’t need to import a theme to use the above mentioned classes.