Limit field tooltip to its label in FormLayout


I’m using Vaadin 7.7.6 and Valo Theme and my use case is.

I wonder if it is possible to
limit the position
, where a field’s descriptions /
is displayed. I want it only to be visible if I mouse over its label. Right now the tooltips appears at every position on the FormLayout’s row.

See my screenshot 2016-12-22 11_05_52-.png. (I have no idea how to embed it in my post)

In the screenshot I got the tooltip on the very end of the TextField as well as at its label.

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That would require some custom extension to client-side code as the tooltip is handled by the client-side component base class. Quick-and-dirty solution in server-side API would be to use Label as a component caption instead of Component.setCaption. And then put setDescription to Label instead of component.