Am trying to deploye my vaadin7 .war to liferay6.2 but am getting Failed to load bootstrap javascript:././././././Vaadin/vaadinBootStrap.js?

How can it will be resolved?

There’s two basic ways to deploy to Liferay:

  1. Use the
    recommended self-contained way
  2. Install Vaadin in Liferay as described
    (this is the old way)

Recommended? It’s a nightmare of issues that, to my knowledge, have not been addressed…

For example, how do you deal w/ a browser running 4 different versions of Vaadin because there are 4 self-contained portlets all with a slightly different version of Vaadin? How do you share a Vaadin theme across the 4 portlets w/o duplicating all of the code? etc.

I mean, sure it’s a cool concept, but I wouldn’t use it as a ‘recommended’ way of doing Vaadin portlets.

At best I’d consider it a ‘short term’ solution to perhaps test a new Vaadin release or theme change or something, a way to isolate Vaadin changes from the portal as a whole.

But to call it ‘recommended’ means that you’ve completed an analysis of the impacts (on the browser, on the server, etc.) and have determined that they are negligable (which I do not believe in the slightest).

I think it’s good to recommend the self-contained way at least for starting portlet development, for basic cases with a single Vaadin portlet, or if performance isn’t a big deal. It’s also needed if there’s some particular reason to use different Vaadin versions in different portlets, such as with portlets from different suppliers. So, it’s good to make it easier to start developing a portlet and you can always switch to the shared way later.

Client-side resources are indeed multiplicated in the self-contained way. Certainly, if you have many portlets and you can always build them with the same Vaadin version, it’s better to use shared resources, especially in production environments. The significance of the performance hit probably varies a lot depending on the environment - in internet-facing portals you probably want to minimize the resources, as the client and bandwight requirements are uncontrolled and variable.

Thanks for your response

What i did is:
I updated the vaadin version to 7 by following
I created the vaadin project using maven archetype which is working fine and
Generated war file and installed in liferay.
but i got the same error.

What am i missing ?
How can this issue will be resolved ?

It’s hard to say with the information that you have given. The error message that you gave earlier probably can’t be correct, as it says “Vaadin/vaadinBootStrap.js”, which is impossible - it should be “VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js”. The .js file is contained in the vaadin-server JAR and, if you installed the resources as static in the server correctly, should be found in webapps/html/VAADIN directory under Tomcat’s directory.

Which archetype did you use? The newest archetype vaadin-archetype-liferay-portlet uses the self-contained way, in which case you don’t need to install the above mentioned resources, while some older archetype assumes using the shared resources.

The error is “VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js” only.

How can this issue will be resolved?

I have a blog post on updating the Vaadin 7 shared environment on Liferay 6.2: