Liferay vaadin control-panel

The vaadin version is not updated in the vaadin control panel after we upgraded the vaadin library manually in Liferay.

I upgraded vaadin.jar to 6.6.0 and recompiled the widgeset. I upgrated manually to copy vaadin.jar (6.6.0) in my liferay and project (portlet) librairies. Everything is ok with the upgrade except the vaadin control-panel that still showing a 6.5.7 version that is coming from its own lib. Its a little bit confusing. May it will be nice to indicate the version in liferay and the version for the control panel.

Actually the version of Vaadin used to implement the control panel is not too relevant to anyone. Thus we should really show the version of Vaadin Framework installed for use by other portlets in Liferay.

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