Liferay tabsheet theme

I am using the latest version of liferay and vaadin and am trying to create a tabsheet. The am using the liferay theme since it is supposed to fit into the alloy look and feel seamlessly.

The tabsheet looks sort of correct but not quite. Could someone give me a clue of what might be going on here.


Attached is the way it looks for me:

It somehow looks like you have both Reindeer and the Liferay theme applied simultaneously.

In case this is still unresolved or someone else stumbles across this thread:

If this is the case, your own theme probably inherits one (reindeer?) whereas there is a “global” selection of a Vaadin theme on the portal (liferay?).

In a portlet, your theme normally does not need to inherit the theme that is set on the portal level, nor any other standard theme. You could inherit the same theme (liferay), but that is redundant if it is set as global on the portal where you are deploying the portlet.

So, just remove the theme inheritance from your theme.

Hey Henri,

I am developing an Liferay Portal application with Vaadin as the UI framework. I am kind of creating custom themes and want to know : if there is a way to share the themes between Vaadin and Liferay ?

Personally I feel the only way to do it is using referring to VAADIN theme styles.css from my Liferay theme or vice vers.

Is there any better way to do it ? Any tips/tricks. I am trying to do this just to make the maintainability of the themes for both Portal and Vaddin at one single place.