Liferay - Instanceable portlet, how to?


i got some questions regarding instanceable vaadin portlets in liferay. I tried to create a portlet which i can use multiple times on the same page. To do this i added the following lines in liferay-portlet.xml:


But when i put my portlet twice to the same page in liferay i still face the internal error warning from vaadin and the second portlet is not correctly rendered. Additionally any operation i do on the page, for e.g. open the preferences window for one of the portlets will also have effect to the second portlet and in both portlets the preferences page will be shown.

I tried to find the solution in google but did not find any usefull example which helps me out on that problem. At the moment i’m wondering if it is possible to use the same portlet multiple times on one and the same liferay page.

Does someone have experience with instancable portlets in vaadin and liferay? Would be great if someone can point me to the right direction with a few tips.