Liferay Control Panel Plugin for Vaadin 7: RC 2 is published

Hi all,

I have good news for all the Vaadin developers targeting / going to target on Liferay platform. Arcusys Ltd. has published second release candidate (RC2) of the Liferay Control Panel Plugin for Vaadin.

Short installation instructions: drop liferay-vaadin-plugin.war to Liferay’s
folder and wait until the deployment process is finished. You may want to tail (or
tail -f
) the Liferay log file to see if everything goes well. After a succesful deloyment you should have a new menu item in the Liferay control panel: Vaadin Configuration. You’re ready to
hack now!

If you have questions, want to give some feedback, suggest new features or just want to talk with us, please don’t hesitate to do so. You can reply to this posting, report an issue on
GitHub issue tracker
, send email, call, skype, yell, visit or use whatever method suites you best!

Happy hacking!

w/ BR, Mikko from Arcusys