Licensing/references for contrib/incubator code

Our code is putting together the third party licenses and references in our documentation, and while it is clear what to do with Vaadin, it’s less so with individual components used from the ‘contrib’ and ‘incubator’ code.

Is contrib/incubator covered by the Vaadin license or do we need one reference for all of Vaadin, plus one reference for each contrib/incubator item used? So far, they all seem to be under Apache 2.0, but just checking how that all works since it’s all hosted on the vaadin servers.


Hi, David!

The components in incubator and contrib basically are Apache 2.0 if nothing else is mentioned. (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’ve misunderstood). If the components you’re looking at are Vaadin 6.2 packaged in a single JAR, the MANIFEST file will contain a mention of the actual licence used.

Most of the components in incubator and contrib have been made by IT Mill staff on our CommunityFridays (paid time to do a pet project). Currently, all of these are Apache 2.0.

The situation will clear up a whole lot once Vaadin Directory is released (planned for March 30th). This will be an online storefront for browsing and downloading Vaadin components not in the core product.


Thanks for the help.

But my remaining question is when I list open source licenses, I will say our product incorporates Vaadin 6.3 with an Apache 2.0 license. That’s clear.

But do I also need to list each contrib/incubator component that I use separately? It’s not that I don’t want to, per se, only that it gives a small component used within Vaadin as much “limelight” as Vaadin itself, which of course contains many components. It’s not a big deal, but when I list all third party components, I was hoping I could just list Vaadin once and not Vaadin and each contrib/incubator component, but at the same time I want to be sure I’m giving credit where credit is due if they are in fact separately licensed from Vaadin proper.

We are preparing to lauch Vaadin Directory in a month or so. In the directory the license for each individual add-on component is clearly marked in the description.

Currently in the SVN most of the add-ons are Apache 2.0. From the memory, add-ons that are not Apache licensed include are JPAContainer (it is AGPL) and ColorPicker (older versions are Apache, newer AGPL).