licensing / pro / vaadin charts question

Am considering the “Go Pro” option as I would like to use Vaadin Charts (and later Touch Kit, etc) in a couple of projects and this seems like the most cost effective way.

However, most of my work is for other people, (i.e. my customers). Can I still use Vaadin Charts in those projects? Are there any licensing fees my customers will need to pick up when i deploy what we’ve built for them?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Christopher,

Commercial Vaadin Add-om License (CVAL)
is needed for development phase only.
So you are allowed to develop multiple solutions with your active Pro Account subscription.

You customers won’t need purchase any licenses, if they do not develop the project result further.
If they will modify the application code after you have delivered the solution, then they would need to get a license for the person(s) that will modify your code.

Check the license agreement for detailed terms and conditions.

Thanks Sami.