License check failing under MacOS Ventura 13.3

My V23 flow builds are failing after installing Ventura 13.3 yesterday in the guts of the Vaadin license checker.

I’m assuming that the OS update broke OSHI - any suggestions?

You have something in your project that forces a too old version of jna, I guess

Hmm. I certainly don’t use JNA directly… I’ll see what I can find.

Try mvn dependency:tree -Dverbose=true

well, I use gradle, but something in my main UI project is resulting in using com.vaadin:license-checker-parent:1.12.0 instead of com.vaadin:license-checker-parent:1.12.2 … it looks like 1.12.2 is requested though, so I’m not quite sure what is going on yet.

versus the fresher one in this dependency graph.

I would guess the add-ons are culprits. Try to exclude their transitive dependencies

Hmm. It appears that there’s something else going on:

  • this is Vaadin 23.3.8, flow, built by gradle.
  • productionMode on my CICD server using a serverKey succeeds.
  • productionMode on my macos machine using a personal pro license fails.
  • development mode on my macos with personal pro license build succeeds and runs.
  • adding explicit dependencies on latest versions of JNA, OSHI, and vaadin-license-checker didn’t make any difference.
  • reverting to 23.3.7 completes correctly in failing cases.

I really thought I’d built locally since merging the 23.3.8 PR, but perhaps this is actually a 23.3.8 regression as I’ve mostly been working on backend stuff.

At this point, I’m not sure what to do except revert to 23.3.7 though I’m happy to poke some more under direction and/or open an actual support ticket.

I think there is a problem in 23.3.8 indeed

Vaadin 23.3.8 uses license checker 1.12.0. This version uses oshi 6.4.0, which requires jna 5.12.1
Vaadin 23.3.8 uses Flow 23.3.5 which depends on license-checker 1.12.2, which uses oshi 6.4.1, which requires jna 5.13.0

In most all cases, the correct versions will be overridden but this likely does not happen when running the Maven (or Gradle) plugin

It will be fixed in 23.3.9

okay - cool. I guess I’ll stick with dev mode until 23.3.9 is released. Thanks!

FWIW, I went back to 23.3.7 while we wait and took the opportunity to update a few of the dependent packages to latest versions.

thanks Artur

For the record, I finally fixed this. The issue was that multi-project gradle builds were, for reasons still unclear to me, pulling in an old version of the vaadin-plugin’s dependencies (especially oshi). In the end, the only required fix was to add to add a plugins { id 'com.vaadin' version "${vaadinPlatformVersion}" apply false } to my top-level build.gradle.