Leaflet add-on ClickListener

I’m using the Leaflet add-on to display several LMarker’s and several LPolyline that connect the markers.

I’m adding to both of them a mouse click listener (LeafletClickListener), but I get a different behaviour on them: when I click on a LMarker the related event is fired inmediatly, but when I click on a LPolyline the event is fired only after a mouse move.

I’ve tried to use the setImmediate(true) method on them but with no difference.

Anybody knows the reason for this behaviour?

Thanks and regards


What is the Vaadin version that you are using? If 7.2, can you try with 7.1 as well? I think there is a bad regression in 7.2 that might cause this. At least Charts has
a bit similar issue


Hi Matti,

I was using the Vaadin version 7.2.4.
As you pointed out I’ve made a test compiling with the 7.1.0 Vaadin version and the result was just the same.

But I have to complete the information of this issue telling that this is happening with the Eclipse (v4.2.2) explorer and with the Internet Explorer (at least), but with Chrome and Firefox the web app is working completely right.

So finally, perhaps this is not a big issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time Matti, and for this great add-on,