LazyQueryContainer with PagedTable - too many count requests!!

Hi all,
I’ve just been implementing a search screen with LazyQueryContainer and PagedTable (both addons) and found that I am getting some pretty heavy queries executed against the services. To be more specific, I’m using a hand rolled ‘Query’ - called ‘UserQuery’. Every population request results in 8 hits to the Query.size() method - which in turn forces my database to execute the count query 8 times. Is this a normal occurrence? From implementing this hand-rolled before, the normal thing would be to execute the count ONCE per page request. Have I missed something?


It is indeed the case that size() is called extremely often in certain settings (such as table loading), which led me to cache the results. In an extension I wrote, I had to cache the values returned for size(), and implement a way to invalidate the cached value). The problem is that there may be other threads inserting in the database, so there are limits to any caching strategy.

I am beginning to wonder if it is the PagedTable component, or just the LazyQueryContainer. Seems that if I swap back out to normal Table, there are about 11 hits when scrolling outside the initial paged set. Although this would be acceptable if looking at a ‘static’ list of country flags, when hitting the datastore 11times at a table with 10,000 records it seems quite dramatic! I wonder if this has been raised before - as if people have hundreds of concurrent users online paging their results, it could bring the db to its knees.

Luckily for us, we have the source so I’ll start hacking away. I prefer not to modify the addons - however :slight_smile:


Hi, if you need more optimized paged table, check what add-ons is using this project:
(there are no additional calls, it is quite tuned I would say)