Lazy Qyery Container 1.1.0 with Edit Support Released

Released Lazy Query Container Add-on version 1.1.0 with buffered add item, modify item and remove item operations. Kudos to Volker Krebs for providing ideas and code sparring.


Released LazyQueryContainer 1.1.3 version with bug fixes to row status icon loading and not evicting edited items from cache.


Released LQC 1.1.4 with minor bug fix related to caching and CompositeItem implementation allowing joining beans and dynamic properties to same item.



thank you for this great addon. However I can not find an easy way to retrieve the selected bean from the selected index provided by the listener…

The only way I found to achieve this was :
(MyBeanType) ((BeanItem) ((CompositeItem) myTable.getContainerDataSource().getItem(target)).getItem(“bean”)).getBean()

Am I a creep ? ^^