Lazy Query Container sorting


Are there any hints on how to correctly implement Table column sorting using LQC implementing custom QueryFactory and Query ? Created my custom QueryFactory and associated Query, set Table datasorce but can’t get column header to do any sorting. Data in table is displayed fine.


on the Wiki Page is a
Example Implementation
. Take a look at sortPropertyIds and sortStates in the Query.


Thank You for the pointer, but I have that already in my code (actually my test table is implemented just like in that example).

When I pass:


table gets sorted fine, but I don’t see sort indicator on column header and nothing happens when that column is clicked.


never mind - got it working - had to set readonly and sortable addContainerProperty method parameters and table is sortable now by clicking on column name.


Tks Mareks!
After 6 years your tips help me a lot.

To be more clear:

Boolean sortable = true;
addContainerProperty(“myField”, String.class, null, true, sortable); //call for each column

Unfortunately, the venerable old wiki is not accessible, or if it is I don’t know the proper URL and old links like this are broken.
It would be very useful if I could access that documentation.