Lazy Loading Tree Component.

Hello, everyone. Im trying to implement lazy loading of the elements on node Expand Events. There is an issue with this. So on expand event, I create new items for the expanded node using [code] HierarchicalContainer [/code] method [code] addItem() [/code]. But this method calls [code] containerItemSetChange() [/code] method of [code] AbstractSelect [/code] class. There [code] itemIdMapper.removeAll() [/code] is called. So Map is cleaned and all items of tree get new ids in map. When the answer from server comes to client side, it doesnt know this new id , because it has previous id (of expanded node) so new items are not added and not rendered on client side.

Can Anyone help me with this problem ? Thank in advance.


Actually I also needed to change field partialUpdate to true, because at first server send all the content of tree to client side.